Since 2005 we have been catering to the electronics industry, including design engineers, small and large businesses, other assembly houses, and a vast array of people we have met along the way.
Our prototype service offers 3 methods of manufacture including Leaded and RoHS compliant options.

Option 1

Simple and provides a very fast turnaround for your product.
You supply us a full kit with all the components and circuit boards along with a PCB file and an up to date BOM (Bill of Materials) and a stencil if possible. If no stencil is provided we can still build the product depending on the amount of component density and fine pitched footprints.

Option 2.

You supply the BOM and the PCB file (preferably) or Gerber files and any special instructions.
We will purchase all the components, PCB’s and the Stencil. Once all components are in store we will start manufacture.

Option 3

Can be fast and not as expensive.
You supply the BOM and the PCB file (preferably) or Gerber files, any special instructions and any components you already have, PCB’s etc.
We will supply any components that we already stock or will purchase on your behalf. Manufacture will begin once all components are in our store